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Hello all, and welcome to FFS's second writing contest!!

Here are the rules:

The story must be about our OCs! You have 19 to choose from. There’s no minimum or maximum of OCs you can include in the story (except for an obvious upper limit of 19, because that's all we have!). Them must be the main characters, but do not need to be the only ones. 
The help you know them better, here they are:

The minimum length of story we'll accept is 6.000 words at font size 12 (or equivalent), with no upper limit.

And now, what would we like you write about?
Well, the contest will be about fetishes, naturally. Which ones? All the ones you can see in our gallery can be used, but here we'll give you a tentative list.
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Blueberry, or other less common (but not less interesting) fruit girls like pear, orange, raspberry, watermelon, etc…
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Cow transformation and cowgirls, any state from cowgirl to a full bodied/minded cow.
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Any other full animal or anthro transformation. The suggested list of the maybe best options is: Cow, Pig, Donkey, Horse, Dog. But your choice is the right choice!
Bulletpurple by Wooded-WolfAll kind of expansions: the usual 4B’s (Breast, Belly, Butt, body), but also feet, crotch, lips… We also include hear all the inflations, air, water, helium. By an external cause like a tank or because the girl’s body have start to generate it.
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Multiple breasts; not just torso ones, either! You can write about hands or feet becoming boobs, the girl becoming a boobhead (Link example: ), or even just a female head on a body made of boobs! And we include here others like belly or butt cheeks to boobs, tongue to boob. You got the idea!
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Dick stuff is possible to, like futanari, dick tongue, dick-nipple or limbs becoming dicks, or even the entire head of a girl transforming onto a dick, etc…
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Any kind of mental transformation, that could came along a physical transformations or not. Like for example a bimbo transformation, that could come or not with a body transformation too, any brain drain and/or IQ drop, or even urges and needs. Addictions are included here too, of any kind mental and physical.
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Transgrender is possible, making on or more of our girls in the story become man, and turn back or not.
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Any kind of mixture of the above, whether it's happening to the same girl or to multiple different girls in the same story. 
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Growth and Shrinking are allowed, both in any amount, but they're limited. See bellow.
You can see examples of all in my gallery, and Note me for other examples about ideas and doubts you've 
Bulletwhite by Wooded-Wolf If you have any doubts about a fetish or an idea, just note us. It not being here does not mean it's forbidden. We may have just forgotten to include it!

:bulletpurple:Bulletred by Wooded-Wolf Weight gain is not a possible choice this time in our contest! In the last one we got lot of stories about it, more than half of the full length!! So we have decide to forbidden it for this entry for add variety!
I add that 3B's expansion (Breast/Belly/Butt) or body expansion are perfectly allowed.
(Like all the examples on my gallery)
Bulletred by Wooded-Wolf As we said before, any size variation in height is possible, getting taller or smaller, but it will not be possible it to be the main theme or the only theme in a story. It can be shrunken girls or giantesses, but not as the only fetish. Or the main theme in the story. That is because similar reasons as Weight Gain.
Bulletred by Wooded-Wolf Any kind of Gore and/or Scatt is NOT allowed
Bulletred by Wooded-Wolf Age regression and Age progression is NOT allowed
Bulletred by Wooded-Wolf Pregnancy is NOT allowed

Timeline is supposed to be NOW 2016 but there can be reality changes like; a new invention, much advanced science, magic existintg, DNA recombinators and others...

Other points
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf There are no size limits, nor transformation limits. No limits in general!
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf Images in our gallery can be used as reference, or even as illustrations.
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf The story must be at least 10 pages long. There is NO maximum limit, so let the creativity flow!
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf Bad endings, or cruelty finals are allowed.
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf The main theme of the story must be the fetishes or their consequences.
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf Yuri and sex can appear in the story, but they mustn’t be the main theme of the story, just consequences of it or as an extra. Any sex interactions and non-sex interactions are allowed. It all must be between the FFS characters!! Even guy-on-girl, here is a VERY important point, only one of our girls as futa or Transgreder, having sex with other. Not external characters.
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf External characters are allowed but NOT as main characters, only as causers, random people or minor appearances.
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf We have NO rights about any of the stories, even about the winners. It’s a contest and we will just choose the best. They will not be used for anything and writers will keep all the rights and deserves.

And finally!
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Final stories should be sent to
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf A maximum of 2 different stories per person may be submitted and only 1 prize per person will be given. If you feel like your first isn't up to par, don't give up!
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf The last day new stories will be accepted is October 31, 2016. Winners will be announced on November 7th, one week later. If you sent a version, but you have done some edits and wish to send in a new version, it is allowedso any edited submissions made before November 7th will be accepted. We will NOT accept entirely new submissions after the October 31th, however.

Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Stories should be sent in one of the following formats: .txt , .doc , .docx , OR .rtf . If you are unable to submit in one of these formats, drop a line and we'll see if there are other options for you.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Stories must be written at english
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf The file name MUST be named with your DA name and with the date it was saved or sent (especially those with multiple edits). Example: [DA Name]_[month-day].docx      Fairy-Fetish-Studio_January9.docx
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf The title of the story, if any, should be included above the story.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Include "FFS Story Contest 2016" as the subject of your e-mail, and please include a link to your DA in the mail (if you have one). If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please say so.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Payment will be done by Paypal

And finally, THE PRIZES!!
1st place prize: 250$
2nd place prize: 200$
3rd place prize: 100$

Good luck everybody!

Fairy by itt0ryu
Skin by Docali

NEW Writters contest before AUGUST Poll For decided the Prizes 

37 deviants said Option 2; First. 250$ Second: 200$ Third: 100$
29 deviants said Option 1; First. 300$ Second: 150$ Third: 75$


:icondarakna123: :icondrgonzola: :iconnaruzimo: :icongibbosandwich: :iconslartymcsmeg:


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